From the team who wrote the book on ‘Blockchain in Education’, comes an innovative platform, which provides learners from all ages, educators and businesses with a digital credentials wallet for discovery, validation and verification of achievements.

OS.University a.k.a. “The Open Source University” is a research & development project, already 5 years in the making, which is intended to enable your decentralized educational and professional identity.

The videos in the playlist below tell the story of the endeavour, while the author’s research page contains  publications on the subject as part of his broader work on the critical success factors in open source stakeholder management (“Критични фактори за успех в управлението на заинтересованите страни при проекти с отворен код”).

Additional Information: OS.UNIVERSITY | MediumLinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook 

Conference Talks & Presentations [2015-2020]:

  1. “Theory of change – A method for exploring the effects from the application of technology innovations in the field of career counseling”. New Tendencies in Career Counselling Conference. National Student House, June 2019.
  2. “Achieving sustainability in higher education & research, based on the application of open source innovation for systemic change”. 1st Young Scientists Cathedra Conference. New Bulgarian University, April 2019.
  3. The future of securities & blockchain technology – Are utility tokens dead?(panel discussion). Next Block Conference. Sofia, Bulgaria, April 2019.
  4. On intrapreneurship – learning bytes”. Lunch & Learn Session. The British Embassy in Bulgaria, February 2019.
  5. “Innovation and creativity management – Blockchain education”. ESTIEM Brain Trainer Conference. Technical University of Sofia, December 2018.
  6. “Academia & blockchain” (panel discussion). CEE Block Conference. Sofia, Bulgaria, October 2018.
  7. “Theory of change: Does your innovation really matter?”. Next DiFi Forum. Sofia, Bulgaria, September 2018.
  8. “The professional’s credentials wallet on the blockchain”. The Bakery. London, U.K., July 2018.
  9. “Blockchain technologies in learning & career development – Is the future of our educational & professional identity on the chain?”. 1st Blockchain ForumAda National College for Digital Skills. London, U.K., April 2018.
  10. “Blockchain beyond cryptocurrencies: Application in the field of learning & development”. Cloud & Blockchain Forum. Sofia, Bulgaria, March 2018.
  11. “Application of the blockchain for the purposes of transforming academia in line with Industry 4.0”. Brno International Week. Brno University of Technology – Faculty of Business Management, November 2017.
  12. Open source beyond IT? – An exploratory mission in the world of education”. OpenAlt Conference. Brno, The Czech Republic, November 2017.
  13. Technology innovation loves humanities – Open education on the blockchain”. SlavConf 2017. Sofia University, October 2017.
  14. “GitUni – The Open Source University: Global opportunities for SBS”. Sofia Business School Master Classes. New Bulgarian University, June 2017.
  15. “The sharing economy” (workshop). Sofia Business School Master Classes. New Bulgarian University, June 2016.


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