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My name is Hristian Daskalov. I am a co-founder and research lead at the “Open Source University” project – the world’s academic and career development ledger in the making. As of August 2018, I am also serving as the Director of the National Student House of Bulgaria – an institution under the Ministry of Education and Science, which can best be described as an established (cultural & educational) center, providing co-working space for national and international student organizations, operating since 1933.

My work on OS.UNIVERSITY is part of my broader research engagements with the Center for Shared Science and Business at the Technical University of Sofia where I earned a doctorate degree, working on the problems of critical success factor exploration in open source project management. In the past, I have also done research and policy work as an expert at the Brain Workshop Institute. My main research work is in the area of Stakeholder Management, analyzing the implementation of the key principles of stakeholder engagement and collaboration on a wide range of public and corporate projects, programs, policies and strategies. I am the author of the book Stakeholder Management in Higher Education, Science and Innovation – Projects, Policies and Strategies (2014) and “Academia 4.0 – University on the Blockchain” (2018).

I have been previously engaged with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting the Strategy and Transformation team of HPE Enterprise Services Delivery, with a primary scope of work in the area of Information Management, Internal Communications and Change Management.

Education, Research & Innovation policies, also Business & Economic Development programs and projects, focusing on stakeholders’ participation and its effectiveness, are among the main areas of my academic and professional expertise.

Further down the article, a detailed description of my experience in the area of both public and corporate governance can be found. Also, some details about my work in the non-governmental sector, and the causes I support.

Enjoy the site I’ve developed in order to share some ideas and knowledge on the topics I value the most.

I’m always looking forward to meeting new people and engaging into new collaboration opportunities!

I can be reached at any time via e-mail or via LinkedIn.

Kind Regards,


Academic & Professional Qualifications


As of March 2021, I am a Doctor of the Technical University of Sofia in the field of Industrial Management, having done the great part of my research at the Riga Technical University (Latvia), Brno University of Technology (The Czech Republic) and as part of the research commercialization accelerator ”EDUCATE” at the Institute of Education – University College London.

My academic background includes BA degrees in Administration and Management (specialized in Public Administration) and Economics (specialized in Business Administration) from New Bulgarian University in Sofia; MA degree in EU Project Management and a number of specializations in the fields of organizational development (NBU School of Management), management of international entrepreneurial projects (American University in Bulgaria, Center for European Programs) and the management of global economic and financial risks (Sofia Business School).

My practical qualification in policy analysis, in the area of business and economic development, consists of practical trainings and researches, undergone in the Bulgarian Industrial Association, the National Small & Medium Enterprise Development Agency and the Office of the President of Republic of Bulgaria, Department for Strategic Analyses.

In regards to my interests and experience in the area of higher education, research and innovation policies, I participate in a number of networks, among which the Regional Innovation Monitor Network (European Commission) and the network of scholars (Boston College Center for International Higher Education).

Some of my academic and expert papers are presented on academic conferences around the country, published by the Department of Public Administration (New Bulgarian University), Sofia Business School, Human Rights and Democracy Journal, cited or republished  by state institutions, such as the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria (Committee on European Matters and Control on European Funds), and the The Center for Prevention und Suppression of Corruption and Organized Crime. Others have been internationally recognized and have won me participation in forums, such as the Economic Forum of Young Leaders (Nowy Sącz), Von Mises Seminar (Genova), ELDR Young Leaders Academy (Brussels).

Entrepreneurial & Corporate Sector Expertise


Since 2015, I am managing an international R&D project in the area of ed. tech. intended to introduce world’s first and only global academic and career development ledger.

Previously, I have been professionally involved in a series of entrepreneurial initiatives in the area of web development, digital media and marketing, working with clients from the corporate and public sector, and also leading, along with my partners, online projects in the area of media and e-commerce.

I consider myself a social entrepreneur as the motivation behind my work has always been empowered by a greater cause – to provide a source of information, where not sufficient; to unveil new market opportunities for SMBs online, where not developed; to help provide e-government services for citizens, where absent. For my companies’ online media projects, regional in scale, I’ve received professional recognition on a couple of occasions, local and national.

For a brief period of time in 2013, I was part of Cobden Partners (CP) internationally recognized team of renowned financial experts and consultants, contributing in the area of economic analysis for the region of South East Europe (SEE), in addition to providing support on company’s digital presence and stakeholder engagement approach. Later on, I continued my professional relationship with CP on an ad-hoc basis, providing expert advice as an associate consultant.

During the 2014-2017 period, I was engaged with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, supporting the Strategy and Transformation team of HPE Enterprise Services Delivery, with a primary scope of work in the area of Information Management, Internal Communications and Change Management.

NGO & Public Sector Expertise


Throughout the years, I have had the opportunity to actively participate in the work of a number of organizations and expert bodies on youth, education, and science policies.

Since 2005 I’ve been engaged  in the development of youth policy and projects on a regional, national and trans-border level. Among the key projects I’ve been involved in, stands the formation of the pan-Balkan “Youth 2020 Strategy” Network , a long-time effort, for which I received a nomination for the “Youth European of the Year” back in 2008-9. I’ve also held a coordinator position the initiative committee on the establishment of the National Youth Forum in Bulgaria. Always involved with community work and causes, I have participated in the foundation of the Municipal Youth Council, the local Youth Information & Consultation Center, and the Consultative Body on Youth Policy in my home town of Pernik.

Since 2010 I have actively participated in the formation and implementation of the national students’ policies, for which I received a reward for overall contribution in 2014. I held a position as a member of the Academic Council of the biggest and oldest private university in Bulgaria – New Bulgarian University, and as a Chairman of the University Students’ Council.  On a later stage I was elected a Secretary-General of the National Students Union, in charge of the academic and scientific policies and projects.

In the 2010-2014 period, I had the chance and the privilege to represent the students’ and academic community in a number of expert bodies,  platforms and collaborative governance forums, in the legislative (Consultative Council on European Affairs and Oversight of the European Funds, 41st National Assembly Parliamentary Committee); executive (Council on Oversight of the National Students’ Loan Policy, Ministry of Education and Science) and  local self-government sector (Expert Council on Science, Technology & Innovation, Sofia Municipality). The development of the National Investment Programme on Science and Education for Smart Growth 2014-2020, co-funded by the EU Cohesion Policy,  is among the key public initiatives I’ve dedicated my time and efforts to, being part of the thematic expert group, developing the financial instrument for over a few years.

Last but not least, I try to volunteer and give back to the community whenever and wherever my skills, knowledge, and circumstances allow me to. One of the last such opportunities was during the summer of 2017 when I was working on a project in support of UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) at a social center in Sao Paulo, Brazil on invitation by AIESEC, world’s largest student-led organization.


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