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In recent decades, we have seen a growing interest in IT projects, based on open source – from the development of system and application software to even the hardware industry. Today, open source is the basis of some of the most successful software products – operating systems, web servers, web browsers, different content management systems, database technologies, businesses applications and many others… Despite its growing presence and influence in the tech world, the study of managing open source projects remains limited.

Considering that the core of open source is the participation of different stakeholders on the principle of voluntary sharing and cooperation, efficient management of this participation becomes a key condition, leading to the achievement of project objectives. This in turn defines critical success factors exploration as a main problem of interest – what is the set of requirements that are most important to the successful management of relationships between stakeholders and the project.

In view of the relevance of the theme and the importance of the issues touched, stakeholder management in open source projects is defined as an object of study in my PhD thesis, with critical success factors as subject of research. The aim of the dissertation is by studying the existing theory and practice, to derive and analyze from relational and significance perspective, the set of critical success factors in managing stakeholders in open source projects.

The central thesis in my research work is that there is a specific set of critical success factors in the management of project stakeholders, applicable to open source projects, and that those factors can be displayed and classified in order to improve the management of this type of projects, enhancing their application and distribution further into the world of IT and beyond that.

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Published Works [2015-2020] *:

  1. Andreev, O., Daskalov, H. (2019). A framework for managing student data through blockchain. Selected and extended papers from X-th ISC „Е-governance and E-communications“, published on SSRN´s eLibrary, R&DS of TU-Sofia, Bulgaria. – cited in “Blockchain Technology Applications in Education” 
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* Част от дисертационния труд “Изследване на критичните фактори в управлението на заинтересованите при технологични проекти с отворен код”, разработен в Стопански факултет на Технически университет – София

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