Stakeholder Management in Education, Research and Innovation – The Book

Prof. Sergey Ignatov - Former Minister of Education and Science presenting the book in Dec. 2014
Prof. Sergey Ignatov – Former Minister of Education and Science presenting the book in Dec. 2014

In the final days of 2014 I published and officially presented my first book, dedicated entirely on the subject of Stakeholder Management.

This is the first-ever book to be written in Bulgarian, which is dedicated entirely on the subject, providing an end-to-end overview of the key concepts behind stakeholder-oriented governance, with applied focus on specific projects, programs and strategies in the area of higher education, science and innovation.

The book looks through some of the most significant policy initiatives, currently undergoing in Bulgaria under the European Union’s ‘2020’ smart-growth agenda, and the role that key stakeholders from different public, corporate and academic background play.

Thanks to the case-studies reviewed, the book provides an in-depth analysis of the stakeholders’ theory implications and stakeholders’ engagement best practices implementation, when it comes to public investments in the area of R&D and innovation-driven economic growth.

The book also presents how innovative projects for business-academia cooperation are being planned and executed, analysing the path to implementing the latest international standards for stakeholder management, according to the 5th Edition of PMBOK®, which turns the publication into a useful reference guide for PMPs, working in different areas of corporate management.

What is also interesting about this book is that its aim is to raise funds for the establishment of an annual scholarship programme in support of young people and their projects, focused on innovations in Bulgarian high-school and university education. This noble initiative is in the hands of the newly formed National Center for Research on Education and Youth, initiated by the National Students’ Union.

Partners of the Research Center, and the publication of the book itself, as its first public project, are key academic stakeholders, among which the R&D Laboratory on Mathematical Chemistry, a successful international spin-off of Burgas University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”; the National Students’ House – national institution, dating back to 1900-1901; and the Ministry of Defense Publishing House, established in 1888, a leading publisher in the area of strategy and governance literature. Also, a partnership agreement is soon to be signed with the Bulgarian Industrial Association – Union of the Bulgarian Business.

Despite the fact that I am the author of the book discussed, it should be stated that this is not a one-man-project, but a result of the work of a number of engaged parties, all of which with their own, unique contribution.

Having named the key partners behind the project, I cannot forget to mention the role that the academic supervisors and research editors had. Among them prof. Lyudmil Georgiev – former Rector of New Bulgarian University, current vice-rector, the person who firstly introduced Public Administration programmes in Bulgarian higher education system, back in the early 90-s; prof. Nikolay Arabadzhiiski – the youngest Bulgarian professor in Public Administration, Dean at NBU; ass. prof. Ivan Boevski – internationally recognized expert on project management; ass. prof. Kiril Radev – expert on organizational development; asst. prof. Elena Blagoeva – expert on EU Policy, mainly on the subject of Education, and asst. prof. Evelina Hristova – communications and PR specialist, former advisor of the Minister of Education.

Never the less, I should  point out the outstanding contribution of Dr Angel Georgiev and Ms Yana Vangelova – bright young researchers and leaders of the National Students’ Union, which I am a former Secretary-General of, who supported the project and continue to do so. As the entire team of the national organization in that regard.

What was also important for the book, was the high assessment on its academic and practical qualities, it received by Prof. Sergey Ignatov – Minister of Education & Science in 2009-2013, who was kind enough to speak at the premiere and present the book to the audience.

For those interested in the edition, you are soon to find details on how to order a copy online, or you can visit the Publishing House book store here, and get one copy today.

Some media coverage on the book can be found here, here and here. (all in Bulgarian)