Stakeholder Management 101 – The Discussion

In the hot seat at Boom & Bust, Bulgaria On Air TV

In December 2014 I was guest of “Boom & Bust”, probably the top economic programme to be broadcast on Bulgarian television, containing in-depth analyses, different points of view on the subjects discussed, and innovative solutions, presented by financial, economic and entrepreneurial leaders.

Previously, I’ve had a few other appearances on the programme, mainly to discuss “the burning topics of the day” in terms of public policy developments and their effect on economy, having in mind my specialization in the area of policy analysis.

This time it was special, as I was invited to present the book on Stakeholder Management, I’ve just written.

Despite the fact that it is an academic book, focused primary on education, science and innovation projects, the  book can be used as a reference guide for effective stakeholder management in other areas of strategic corporate management and public governance, which was of interest for the programme.

The general and case-by-case researches as part of the book are presented in a way which allows the readers – will they be students, scientists or specialists, working in the NGO/public/private sector, to apply the accumulated knowledge in their work whenever implementing projects, programs and comprehensive strategies in a number of subject areas, beyond the higher education, science, and innovation areas, discussed in the book.

We can call the studio discussion we had, a “Stakeholder Management 101”, as the main aim was to present the subject to the audience. Stakeholder Management is most commonly comprehended in Bulgaria as ‘engagement of interested groups‘ or ‘corporate social responsibility‘ topic, which are both short-sight explanaitons in terms of theory and practical implementation, for a number of reasons.

But more about that, in the interview itslef..

The interview is in Bulgarian, but additional details on the topic can be found in this other article, published here.